Why is life insurance important?

Having life insurance can protect your family from a potential devastating financial loss that could happen if something were to happen to you. Helping pay living expenses, pay off debts, paying any medical or final expenses and overall financial security is something life insurance provides.  Your life insurance policy can deliver cash when your family […]

Why is life insurance so important?

As morbid as this topic is, it is something the general public needs to educate themselves about! When you or a loved one passes away, there is an overwhelming amount of stress and emotion attached to taking care of the specifics.  Cost The average cost to die in the state of Pennsylvania is $21,998. Sounds […]

Why do I need insurance?

To some of us, this notion is a no brainer. But to others, they still don’t understand the basic concept of make sure you are insured. Insurance is a way of transferring the risk of something, into someone else’s hands. The cost of things, especially in today’s economy, is unrealistic for the average American to […]