Best ways to promote health and fitness in the workplace.

Sedentary lifestyles and uninspired work is not only dangerous for an employee’s health, it can also harm your company as a whole. Promoting health and wellness in the workplace is an investment to benefit both employees as well as employers. Someone’s physical and mental health, in and out of the workplace, is something all businesses […]

How to compare coverage when shopping for health insurance?

Being you only have a limited time to pick a health insurance plan for you or your family, knowing what to pick in advance could prevent you picking the wrong one (which could be expensive). Whether you are getting insurance through an employer or a state or federal marketplace…here are some things to keep in […]

5 ways to burn an extra 100 calories.

With people’s resolutions to get more fit this year, burning those extra calories needed to maintain/lose weight can be tough. Not everyone has the money and time to commit to proper weight loss. On top of that, not everyone knows where to start. Adding a few small changes in your schedule can actually boost your […]

Why do I need insurance?

To some of us, this notion is a no brainer. But to others, they still don’t understand the basic concept of make sure you are insured. Insurance is a way of transferring the risk of something, into someone else’s hands. The cost of things, especially in today’s economy, is unrealistic for the average American to […]