Why do you need winter tires?

As we enter mid-winter, it may be time for you to check your tires. Luckily the weather has not been bad this year, but there is no way of knowing how the weather will be for the rest of winter. When you have dangerous conditions on the road, you risk getting into an accident. You […]

Top 5 reasons for car accidents.

Nothing can be more annoying than a fender bender on a busy morning on your way to work. But fender benders aren’t the only accidents on the road. Auto accidents can tear apart families and take people’s lives, as they do every day. Staying hyper aware of how you perform behind the wheel is only […]

What type of oil should I put in my car?

Taking care of our vehicles is sometimes completely foreign to us. Picking the proper oil to put in your car can help eliminate car troubles down the road. Taking care of your car is important not just to avoid major issues, but major issues can sometimes lead to accidents so it is best to stay […]

Why do I need insurance?

To some of us, this notion is a no brainer. But to others, they still don’t understand the basic concept of make sure you are insured. Insurance is a way of transferring the risk of something, into someone else’s hands. The cost of things, especially in today’s economy, is unrealistic for the average American to […]