Best ways to promote health and fitness in the workplace.

Sedentary lifestyles and uninspired work is not only dangerous for an employee’s health, it can also harm your company as a whole. Promoting health and wellness in the workplace is an investment to benefit both employees as well as employers. Someone’s physical and mental health, in and out of the workplace, is something all businesses […]

How to compare coverage when shopping for health insurance?

Being you only have a limited time to pick a health insurance plan for you or your family, knowing what to pick in advance could prevent you picking the wrong one (which could be expensive). Whether you are getting insurance through an employer or a state or federal marketplace…here are some things to keep in […]

Why do you need winter tires?

As we enter mid-winter, it may be time for you to check your tires. Luckily the weather has not been bad this year, but there is no way of knowing how the weather will be for the rest of winter. When you have dangerous conditions on the road, you risk getting into an accident. You […]

Why is life insurance important?

Having life insurance can protect your family from a potential devastating financial loss that could happen if something were to happen to you. Helping pay living expenses, pay off debts, paying any medical or final expenses and overall financial security is something life insurance provides.  Your life insurance policy can deliver cash when your family […]

5 ways to burn an extra 100 calories.

With people’s resolutions to get more fit this year, burning those extra calories needed to maintain/lose weight can be tough. Not everyone has the money and time to commit to proper weight loss. On top of that, not everyone knows where to start. Adding a few small changes in your schedule can actually boost your […]

Top 5 reasons for car accidents.

Nothing can be more annoying than a fender bender on a busy morning on your way to work. But fender benders aren’t the only accidents on the road. Auto accidents can tear apart families and take people’s lives, as they do every day. Staying hyper aware of how you perform behind the wheel is only […]

The most common causes for a water loss.

Water damage can be just as inconvenient as a fire loss. Now that it is getting cold, you need to be prepared in case of a water loss in your home. It is not always as easy as drying out and can end up damaging your home’s integrity. Water damage in the home can also […]

What to do in case of a fire.

Your home is engulfed in flames, disappearing before your eyes. All of your belongings turning to ash. All comfort and happiness seem like a memory. While this sounds horrific, it is not completely unimaginable. House fires happen on a regular basis; reportedly 358,300 home-based fires happen a year. According to the NFIRS, one civilian fire-related […]

5 ways to control your high blood pressure without medicine.

As we age, our blood pressure is something we need to keep an eye on. I am sure you have heard from your doctor, you need to keep your blood pressure down. To prevent a risk of a stroke or heart attack, make sure you are healthier and take the proper steps to take care […]

What to keep in your fireproof safe.

It is very unfortunate to imagine, but house fires can happen to anyone. Making sure you are properly insured and prepared, will make the horrible experience, a tad bit smoother. Having a fire proof safe is an awesome addition to consider getting to hold valuables. Here are some items that would be important to keep […]