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What To Do In The Event Of A Water Main Break

Water main break

If you’ve ever experienced a water main break, you know it can be a headache. Not only do you have to deal with wet carpets and soggy furniture, but you might also be left without running water. When a water main break happens and damages your home, there are some steps you should take to protect your home and restore your water service.

Locate the Source

The first step to take is to determine the source of the water main break. If you have a washing machine, check the water runs and water pipes around it to see if there is any water damage. You should also check the water pressure for any signs of a broken water line. If you find a broken water line, you should contact your local water service provider to have it repaired. Once you’ve determined the source of the water main break, you should flush your pipes.

Shut Off Water

Shut off the main water supply to your home, turn on all faucets, and flush your toilets until the water runs clear. This will help prevent any leftover water from contaminating your water system. The next step is to turn off your hot water tank and any other water-using appliances. The hot water tank can become damaged if it is left on while the water supply is off. This can lead to costly repairs, so it’s important to turn it off right away. Water main break home damage can come from hot or cold water. Once your hot water tank and water-using appliances are turned off, you should then contact your local water service provider to have the water main break repaired.


The repair crews will be able to locate the break and fix it so that your water supply can be restored. Once the repair crews have finished the repair, you should then turn the water supply back on. However, you may need to boil your water before using it for drinking or cooking. This is because the water main break could have caused contamination in the water supply. You should also check with your local water service provider to see if there is any other instructions for restoring your water supply.


Finally, you should contact a professional to assess the water damage in your home. A professional will be able to determine the extent of the water damage and advise you on the best way to restore your home. Dealing with a water main break can be a hassle, but if you follow the steps outlined above you can help protect your home and restore your water service quickly. Don’t wait and call HBS today to see if your home insurance has you covered in the event of a water main break!

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