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What Is Smoke Damage?

Smoke damage may not seem as severe as fire damage, but people often underestimate the damage that can be done. Smoke damage makes your home uninhabitable. There are so many reasons to be cautious of fabrics, carpets and wood products on fire being they release dangerous chemicals.

Damage to Structures

When materials, specifically materials used to build a home, are burning or melting, it creates a toxic and hazardous reaction that can create damage. It gets behind your walls, HVAC vents and in electrical sockets. The acidity in these products cause them to eat away at metals and penetrate wall cavities. These things and compounds are going to live in your walls and home, creating not only vulnerabilities in the home but also to your health.

Health Risks 

Ingredients released include soot, tar, carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and harmful chemicals while burning. These microscopic particles enter the air and settle in any space in your home. These toxic chemicals are not putting your health at risk. Even if your home doesn’t catch on fire, having a small house fire with minimal damage still creates a huge risk even if you assume you have cleaned the mess. If you have any family members who have asthma, allergies, diabetes or are pregnant, their health is absolutely at risk. Having a professional come to use dry-ice blasters and professional equipment to properly clean your home. 

Eliminating Smoke Odor

To eliminate the odor of smoke damage is extremely difficult and involves deep cleaning and restoration. Certified professionals can remove the particles and keep your family safe. Baking soda naturally absorbs odors while white or apple cider vinegar cuts through smoke odor, both in a natural way. Do not use aerosols to cover up the smell, focus on actually removing the particles. 

Call Health Benefit Services today to see what is covered under your home insurance and how you can be fully covered incase of a fire or smoke damage.

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