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Why Is Life Insurance Important?

Having life insurance can protect your family from a potential devastating financial loss that could happen if something were to happen to you. Helping pay living expenses, pay off debts, paying any medical or final expenses and overall financial security is something life insurance provides. 

Your life insurance policy can deliver cash when your family may need it most and make sure they are financially protected. Upon passing, your family will get a policy payout right away. Often, death benefits are not taxable. Whole life policy offers financial security. No missed premiums, no unpaid loans and your loved ones will receive your policy total, guaranteed.

Anyone is a good candidate for life insurance. Taking out policies on each of your children is also a good idea in the result of something tragic. Here are a few solid reasons you should consider getting health insurance for you and each member of your family.

Income Replacement

If you are the sole provider for your family, your death would result in a huge financial debt to your family. Your loved ones may need help paying the mortgage, affording health care, childcare or other services, preserving a family business, eliminating household debt or even covering tuition and other college expenses. These are all things to consider.


The life insurance benefit of a whole life policy is a financial safety net. If all premiums are paid on time and there are no outstanding loans, your beneficiaries will receive a lump-sum payment that is guaranteed to be paid in full. This is protection you can feel better knowing will help your family in a tough time of need.


Being federal income tax free means your beneficiaries will be able to use every cent you leave for them. That is a huge long term benefit of buying life insurance. 

Cash Value Growth

Life insurance policies, as you pay your premiums, build cash value (guaranteed to grow). This may help you fund a child’s education, establish an emergency fund, pay off your mortgage, pay off debt from credit cards,  hit financial goals or supplement retirement income. 

Getting life insurance for you and your family is something valuable and is the best way you can plan ahead. Call Health Benefit Services today to discuss your best options, get a life insurance quote and see how you are able to bundle your health, home and auto insurance.

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