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5 Ways To Burn An Extra 100 Calories

With people’s resolutions to get more fit this year, burning those extra calories needed to maintain/lose weight can be tough. Not everyone has the money and time to commit to proper weight loss. On top of that, not everyone knows where to start. Adding a few small changes in your schedule can actually boost your calorie burn throughout your day. Here are a few ways you can jump start your body and burn an additional 100 calories.

Running Your Stairs

This is extremely simple and requires no equipment. If running seems a bit too advanced for you, walking up and down the steps a few times is also a great solution. Adding this into your cardio plan can be a simple way to get additional cardio in. You can do this throughout the day at random points of the day just to get your heart rate up and get some additional calories burning. 

Ride Your Bike

Riding a bike is something everyone might not be able to do, but with city bike rentals available everywhere, it is becoming a bit more accessible. If there is somewhere not too far and could be a short trip on a bike, choose the physical option rather than driving. Riding your bike in a safe setting can be a great way to remain active and burn calories. 

Clean Your House

It may sound strange but cleaning burns lots of calories without you even realizing. This is also an activity that kills two birds with one stone. Plan once a week to do a deep clean of your home to get your heart rate up. Vacuuming, mopping, wiping down all surfaces, scrubbing your shower and dusting are just a few ways you can ensure you are active while doing household chores. Even vacuuming every day is a way to burn a few extra calories. 

Walk Your Dog

Man’s best friend is always there for you, giving them a little extra love like a long walk once a day is something they deserve and still gives you a benefit. Picking a route with lots of hills and harder terrain can ensure you are making a workout out of your furry friends walk outside. If you are able to run, try running with your pet to burn even more calories. 


Dancing is one of the most fun ways you can be active. It’s simple and can be done at home. Either dance with your partner, kids or if you aren’t as confident, dance by yourself. Throwing on your favorite music and moving your body is good not only for your body but also good for your mind. 

Staying active and healthy is a key factor to get proper health coverage and make sure you are keeping your body in good health. If you aren’t what your health coverage includes or want to discuss your rate, make sure to call Health Benefit Services today!

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