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Top 5 Reasons For Car Accidents

Nothing can be more annoying than a fender bender on a busy morning on your way to work. But fender benders aren’t the only accidents on the road. Auto accidents can tear apart families and take people’s lives, as they do every day. Staying hyper aware of how you perform behind the wheel is only half the battle. Staying aware of how other people are on the road just may save a life, including your own. These are some of the top reasons for car accidents.

Distracted Driving

You have probably heard it time and time again but texting while driving has only become a bigger issue through the years. Along with texting, talking, changing music, following directions or searching for items in your car while driving all put you and your passengers at risk. If you are not at a complete stop, there is no reason to check your phone or get distracted by other tasks while behind the wheel. Your text will be there when you reach your destination and can be checked then. Along with your life being at risk, you can actually receive a ticket for texting while driving so don’t risk it!

Inclement Weather

Snow, ice and heavy rain are all factors when getting behind the wheel. Regardless of how confident you feel, you cannot guarantee other people are as capable behind the wheel. If you don’t feel safe, do not drive during bad weather conditions. If they progress while you are traveling, pull over and wait it out. It is tough to know how your car will perform on a dime. It is also important to make sure you leave plenty of space between you and other drives, especially large vehicles that may have issues stopping quickly or may lose control easily. 

Speeding and Reckless Driving

If you have common sense, this may not apply to you but be aware of what is going on around you. If you notice a car weaving in and out of lanes or tailgating you and/or other cars, get in the right lane and let them pass. So many times, do people who are driving crazy approach vehicles that react to their driving and cause accidents. Speeding, especially in residential areas is completely unnecessary and put pedestrians and drivers in a scary, life threatening situation. Why go to jail for manslaughter when you could drive the speed limit?

Night Driving

The lack of light or intensity of car lights is an issue for some people who drive at night. Any of these issues can lead to accidents. You’re also less likely to see objects such deer and debris. If there is another vehicle that does not have their lights on, you are also at risk. Make sure you’re aware and prepared when driving at night.

Drunk Driving

This issue is an inexcusable cause for an accident. Anytime you consume alcohol, your senses and cognitive functions are impaired and make you a danger to yourself and others. When alcohol is involved, your reaction times slow down and your decision-making capabilities are compromised. With Uber and other driving apps so available, drunk driving should never happen. Now even if you do not drink and drive, you can still be at risk due others so you need to always remain aware when on the road, especially during times people may be drinking and driving.

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