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The Most Common Causes For A Water Loss

Water damage can be just as inconvenient as a fire loss. Now that it is getting cold, you need to be prepared in case of a water loss in your home. It is not always as easy as drying out and can end up damaging your home’s integrity. Water damage in the home can also lead to health complications such as respiratory diseases due to mold proliferation. Knowing what to look for and how to take action, can prevent larger issues and help you fix damage that has been done. 

Plumbing System Leaks

This is the most common cause of water damage and can typically occur when pipes rust in corrosion. It is very hard to locate and pinpoint water leaks in your system and can sometimes lead to you having to take walls out completely to get to the issues. Weak leaking pipe joints, high water pressure, extreme temperatures and broken water connectors are all other causes for water leaks to occur in your plumbing system. Staying alert and aware of your home and any changes that may occur is crucial and getting repairs done as soon as possible will prevent a worst-case scenario. 

Faulty Appliances

Appliances aren’t meant to last forever and when they get to a certain age, you are more likely to experience malfunctions. Water heaters, dishwashers and washing machines can lead to a pool on your floor if there are faults in the water connections. Hoses and water connections will fail or cause problems over time, so replacing these items when they should be replaced is important.

Clogged Gutters

Out of sight, out of mind may be a common phrase but when it comes to your gutters, you may want to keep their maintenance in mind. Weeds, ice, tree leaves and sludge can all clog your gutters and drains, which then leads to water blockage. When water starts to overflow, structures in your home can become damaged. This water also may collect in your garage or basement which can cause mold proliferation and lead to gross odors. Routine gutter and drain cleanings can protect you from this issue all together.

Burst Pipes

This time of year is when we see the most water damage due to pipes bursting. When the temperature changes and drops too low, ice forms inside of your pipes, causes them to expand and leads to them bursting. This especially happens if the pipes are old and rusty. 

Toilet Blockage

This is probably everyone’s worst nightmare but it does happen. The toilet backing up can end up causing thousands of dollars’ worth of water damage in a matter of minutes. This is also a health hazard due to the matter that is released.

Malfunctioning Air Conditioner

Inside of an air conditioner is an overflow pan that redirects condensing moisture. If the pan gets damaged or the line clogs, this leads to the air conditioner malfunctioning and excess water can soak your walls and ceilings.

Septic Tank and Sewage Backup

Either of these can overflow when they fill up or if there is heavy rain. Any of this sewage backup causes a mess and creates health hazards. You will also know if there is an issue due to the smell it causes. 

Any of these issues can turn into a disaster before you know it. With proper maintenance and monitoring, you can minimize these issues. Make sure your home is covered for a water loss by calling your agent at Health Benefit Services today! 

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