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What Type Of Oil Should I Put In My Car?

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Taking care of our vehicles is sometimes completely foreign to us. Picking the proper oil to put in your car can help eliminate car troubles down the road. Taking care of your car is important not just to avoid major issues, but major issues can sometimes lead to accidents so it is best to stay on top of it. The type of oil you put in your car will be determined based on the vehicle, model year and engine type. Think of oil as the blood of your car, it keeps it alive and running smoothly. These are the different types of motor oil that go in your car.

  • Conventional Oil: This is the least expensive oil and is essentially the base oil option. When it is made, there are additives included that neutralize sludge, inhibit metal degradation and agents that prevent air bubbles.
  • High-Mileage Oil: This is formulated for vehicles with 75,000 miles or more on their odometer. It contains additives that cause the external O-rings and gaskets to swell, which then potentially reduces oil leakage and burn in older engines. If your car is properly maintained and is performing well, this might be the best oil to extend its life. This oil can be formulated from conventional, synthetic-blend or full-synthetic oil.
  • Synthetic-Blend Oil: A mixture of conventional and synthetic oil, this oil is good at protecting your engine, at a lower cost than full synthetic. This is mid-price range.
  • Full Synthetic: It is a base oil but through extensive refining processes, more impurities are removed compared to conventional. This oil keeps the engine cleaner and protect it from damage. Although this is the better oil, it is not recommended in older model vehicles. Most foreign cars require this oil and it is the most expensive.

There you have all the oils available to put in your car. Now unless you have experience, this should always be done by a professional. You also have to know if your oil is running low (typically your oil light will come on). Make sure you stay up to date with your oil changes to avoid major car problems down the road. Put the correct car oil in your vehicle but also call your agent at Health Benefit Solutions LLC to see how you can bundle auto insurance with your current insurance package.

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