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3 Ways To Get Active Without A Gym Membership


You have probably heard it your entire life, but staying active is the most important way to keep yourself health, especially as you continue to age. Staying active cannot only work your heart and keep things moving smoothly, it also can help you keep extra pounds away as our metabolism slows down. Sometimes people do not always have a gym membership in their budget so here are 3 ways you can get active without a gym membership.

  • Walking: As basic as it is, incorporating 30 minutes of moderate walking can get your heart rate enough to give you the additional exercise you need. This obviously has 0 cost and can be done in your own neighborhood. If you don’t want to walk in your particular neighborhood, find walking trails near you that you can access and utilize. If your schedule doesn’t allow for additional exercise in the week, either wake up an hour early or commit both Saturday and Sunday to getting your walks in. If you have a fitness watch/tracker, it can become a fun competition with yourself to see how many steps you can fit in a day. Going up and down the stairs in your house or building is another great way to elevate your heart rate and can replace your walking routine when the weather isn’t nice.
  • Youtube Workouts: Now a days we are very lucky to have all the resources we do on the internet. There are tons of fitness enthusiasts and trainers that post workouts on the internet free of charge, for personal brand awareness. Why not take advantage of these workouts available at the click of a button? You can find a variety of different styles of fitness online so you can choose whatever workout you are interested in trying that day. A perfect way to get fit in the comfort of your own home.
  • Home Workouts: this goes hand in hand with Youtube workouts but sometimes people just don’t feel comfortable going in a gym. Giving yourself the time and space to workout at home is still treating your body right. By adding jumping jacks, body weight squats and push-ups (for example) into your routine can really help get your body in shape.

These are just a few examples of how you can be active and get your weekly/daily exercise in without having a gym membership. Let us know your favorite way to stay active! Don’t forget to contact your agent at Health Benefit Services LLC and discuss your health insurance options.

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