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The Most Common Preventable Human Causes For House Fires

The thought of your home catching on fire is a horrific thought. To think of everything, you own disappearing is an awful thought. But how do most house fires start? To know of all the different ways your home could be at risk, is a way you can make sure a house fire doesn’t happen to you. These are some of the most common ways for fire prevention. 

  • Cooking Fires. Always be prepared when cooking in the kitchen and know accidents can happen. Be cautious of oil, proper ventilation, cook times and properly cleaning your kitchen when you are finished cooking, are all ways to make sure your kitchen doesn’t catch ablaze. 
  • Christmas Trees. We all love the holidays and there is nothing quite like the Christmas spirit, but what gives us holiday joy can sometimes lead to catastrophe. Make sure you are constantly watering your Christmas tree and remember to take it down as soon as you can to reduce your risk.
  • Candles. Candle placement and burning quality candles are important factors to consider when lighting them throughout the home. Never leave a candle unattended and if you plan on leaving the room, make sure you either check on the candle frequently or put it out. Some candles can burn through the glass and cause a fire just by being lit so make sure the candle is of good quality. Making sure candles are away from flammable things is also crucial. Don’t leave near furniture, under lamp shades or near curtains. 
  • Heating Sources. Sometimes the heat in your home, doesn’t quite do it. This is when people turn to space heaters to keep smaller areas warm. These are extremely dangerous pieces of equipment and must be handled with care. Make sure they aren’t being blocked by anything, are plugged into a quality outlet and are far enough away from equipment. It is also very important to replace these regularly, if it looks old or has what looks like heat marks…it is time for a new one. 
  • Smoking. House fires can start from a lit cigarette or a lighter. It is important to make sure you are smoking outside. If you smoke inside, make sure your cigarette is completely put out before leaving it unattended. Make sure you aren’t lighting up in an unsafe area or near anything flammable. 

Make sure you keep an eye on these things in your household and take the necessary measures to prevent a tragic accident. Property damage can happen aside from these fire hazards, such as flammable materials or faulty wiring. Call an agent at Health Benefit Services LLC today to discuss how you can bundle your home and auto insurance, and protect your home. These are preventable causes for house fires.

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