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Why Do I Need Insurance?

To some of us, this notion is a no brainer. But to others, they still don’t understand the basic concept of make sure you are insured. Insurance is a way of transferring the risk of something, into someone else’s hands.

The cost of things, especially in today’s economy, is unrealistic for the average American to pay if an accident happens. We want our customers to remain informed and educated on the importance in having insurance in all aspects of their lives. Here are just a few basic examples of why insurance is important.

Home Insurance

Say your son wants to throw something in your dryer, but being he doesn’t typically do his laundry. He forgets to clean out the lint. Complete accident, but now your house is on fire and your family’s lives are at risk.

The cost of rebuilding your house could honestly surpass the amount you originally paid for your home. To have quality homeowner’s insurance, makes that accident, just simply an accident. As long as no one is hurt, you can rebuild your home to pre-loss condition.

Protecting your home and/or structures on your property with the proper dwelling coverage, will make your life easier if you have a fire loss or water damage to your home. Call Health Benefit Services today to get a homeowner’s insurance quote and see what your liability coverage would be.

Auto Insurance

The most common insurance that most people who own a car have. But that doesn’t mean everyone on the road is insured.

That is why it is even more important to make sure you are protected, in case someone on the road hits you. It could cause $7,000 of damage to your car. If they aren’t insured, at least you have coverage and can repair the damage.

Car insurance protects you and those around you on the road! Call Health Benefit Services to see what insurance plan can protect you and your vehicle. 

Health Insurance

You decide to go hiking with your family. You are typically in decent shape but don’t do any activity out of the ordinary. While hiking, you trip over a rock and break your ankle. Being you are in okay shape for your age, you never thought something like this would happen to you.

Having quality coverage, ensures you don’t have to pay the $4,000 emergency room bill out of pocket and are able to get the proper care your ankle needs. Health insurance is something you don’t want to skimp on.

Life Insurance

The term life insurance is an uncomfortable topic for many but you would be surprised at how many people don’t have life insurance for them or their families. If your spouse is the provider in the home, and suddenly passes from a heart attack, having the proper insurance is crucial.

A life insurance company, such as Health Benefit Services, will go over life insurance options, such as permanent life insurance. Not only will you need money to cover the funeral costs, but you will need to consider the cost of living that suddenly will become your responsibility.

Life Insurance can go past just funeral costs, so call us today to get your life insurance quote.

These are just a few things to consider when not only determining what insurance to get, but how much coverage your policy has. Call one of our agents today at Health Benefits Services to go over your policy or bundle another branch of insurance with your current policy!

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