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Group Products

Our group division specializes in analyzing your businesses insurance in recommending the right product at the right price. We represent all local and national carriers.


•  Health Care

•  Dental

•  Vision

•  Hearing

•  Long Term Disability

•  Group Life

•  Short Term Disability

Our commitment to you

  • Service: We will assist you and your employees in resolving claims issues and handle other benefits questions. We will provide you with our toll-free number, your Account Manager’s business card for each of your employees, and bulletin board posters to create awareness of our service availability.
  • Market Knowledge: We will keep you current on new ideas and concepts in the benefits arena, to help you control costs while retaining valued employees. We will evaluate all viable carriers when seeking quotes for your coverage.
  • Compliance Expertise: We will advise you on insurance compliance issues such as COBRA, HIPAA, ACA, coverage mandates, etc.

If you have questions like these about the ACA and how it affects your group, please contact us.

  • Will my group benefits change?
  • How does the new healthcare exchange affect my business?
  • Will premiums go up?
  • Can my business delay implementing the new requirements?
  • Do I qualify for tax credit?